There is a hashtag going around twitter where authors are sharing their advance amounts. It was started to highlight the financial disparity between black authors versus their white peers. It’s illuminating. Here are my numbers for articles I’ve written.

The Billfold: $40 per article

Business Insider: $0 reprint of an article

Matador Network: $40 per article, $25 per reprint of an article

Copywriter: $15-$18 per hour, part time

At the now defunct billfold, they paid all writers the same fee. It was great for equity purposes. But it means that when an article did well or went viral there was no more compensation. Case in point, the fuck off fund by Paulette Perhach. She earned the same amount as me even though her article was WAY more successful.

I worked as a copywriter for a small media company. I started at $15 per hour and ended making $18 per hour. By earning an hourly rate, word count was not as critical to my financial success. It did mean that I was not credited as the author on any of the articles. I wrote 150 or so articles over 3 years along with running the companies weekly newsletter.

Writer & Poet living in SoCal. Plant lady. Always has too many questions. Name pronounced (Air-e-on-uh)

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