I loved my degree program as far as personal growth and development goes. The university as a whole did a terrible job of preparing us for the working world or helping us find a job. The career center catered towards traditional 9–5 lifestyle jobs and gave you a dubious blank stare when you asked about freelancing opportunities. At best, the job fair only had unpaid internships if any art related jobs at all.

My degree program never once talked about the realities of working in theater for a living vs as a hobby. For instance, as a new designer, you’ll be juggling 4–8 shows any given month to barely afford bills. At most I worked on 3 shows a semester. No one talked about freelance taxes or the best way to be organized as your own business. Or what is a competitive rate as a lighting designer vs a stagehand.

I think it’s silly to allow so many students to graduate without any business/skills. I feel that about all majors.

Writer & Poet living in SoCal. Plant lady. Always has too many questions. Name pronounced (Air-e-on-uh)

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